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AVC [additional video capturing]

Following our brief but intense brainstorming period, we decided we needed some extra video recordings from daily lab routines to prepare what we intended to do next.

So we started a new series of visits to some experiments going on in the various labs of CNC, and Rodrigo gave us two hands and two eyes with his video camera, his experience and his sensibility concerning video capturing and editing.

Like cells in a petri dish kept at a convenient temperature, the materials we gather from this residency are proliferating at a good rate. Let’s see how we’ll use the superspheres they’re forming.


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What does a particular ODC looks and sounds like?

Ever wondered?

We’ve been posting pics, but nothing like some images moving.

If you can recall, Ciência Viva TV attended one of our previous Other Data Clubs (ODC). Well, now they have published online the whole recording of that session. Here it is.

Feel free to take some peeks, here and there.

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