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We’re growing a brain – part II

After the scientific paper structure was all mounted up, we started to coat it with two inner layers, one made of extractor fan filter, the other made of that plastic transparent sheet we use in the kitchen to cover food and etc. The result was quite interesting, for this two layers gave the brain an irregular translucent appearance, and the yellow scientific papers seen through this dimming surfaces felt just like forming circunvolutions. This really added a more complex appearance to our brain.

Finally, we wrapped all this inside a metallic net coating for a harder look and touch.

Next step: fill up the brain.

We inserted, during its assembly, several pen drives in specific areas of the brain – hippocampus, frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe and cerebellum. We then filled this areas of the brain with video materials we’ve been collecting during our whole residency. When doing this, we tried to establish some relations between the images inserted in a specific area and the functions that area of the brain is known to have in its general activity.

In a way, we uploaded to this brain the history of our residency and the life we witnessed at the research centre during our 7 months stay.

And here it is, our shiny metallic brain with its core of scientific articles from CNC research groups and filled with the memory of our residency.


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Brain FFW

And then you need a slice, a good slice, clean and perfect.

You stick the brain, facing you, in a steel base and there he goes, up and down, through and through the blade, stiff in a cabinet at about minus 20 degrees celsius.

They we’re looking for slices from two different brain areas. In between, the images of the brain being fastforwarded from the Subventricular Zone to the Hippocampus.

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