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Considering we are building a brain, why not add some storm to it? Just like Dr. Frankenstein did when he captured the energy of a lightning bolt during a storm to give life to his creature.

In a month and a half we’ll be leaving this premises and we would like to leave them in style. For the past few days we’ve been reflecting an discussing our stay here and all of the information and experience we gathered, and we started to make plans for the future.

Firstly, for the near future, we started thinking about a performance we’ll create to signal our departure and the end of this residency. Next, for the long-term future and considering the knowledge about life in the lab we now have, we started thinking about the materials we would still like to collect to help us create future works on this particular subject.
And in this brainstorming process we ended up discovering some unsuspected links between the different stuff things are made of.


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