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The Last Other Data Club session for a while

Our stay at the Center for Neurosciences an Cell Biology is coming to an end. We learned a lot there and our bags (and the hard drives) are full with precious information that we expect to use in MARIONET‘s future works. Even so, for now, the bags are ready to leave. Because of this, next Thursday we’ll present a very special session of the Other Data Club focused on what we took from our for 7 months stay in a lab. The Other Data Club itself is an important part of what we’re taking with us for further use and we’ll talk about that during this last session there.

Please, fell free to join us, here, next Thursday at 11hoo am. It will be nice to have someone who followed the residence through this blog there for the Q&A.


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Other Data Club, do you know what’s that?

You don’t? I could tell you it’s a place for ideas not fitting elsewhere. Ideas about Art and Science, mainly but not exclusively. A place mainly made of people, even if till now happened always in the same place, it’s more about people than walls. It’s also a consequence of our artisitic residence at CNC  in Coimbra – you can see more about the residence in this blog.

This time we’ll be opening this Club to external visitors, till now only the scientists and ourselves  had the chance to participate. From now on we want to see you there with your most exquisite ideas.

See you next tuesday on the “Yellow Room” at the Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology, in the University of Coimbra – Portugal.

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Today I walked my way for CNC in vain. The Centre was closed, in fact the entire building was. Only a few researchers seem to be there but with the doors closed.
Why? Cause today is one of the days of Pope visit to Portugal and also the ephemeris for of a supposed appearance of the Virgin Mary to three kids during the 910’s.

I suppose there’s no use for a discussion on the subject but I can’t say I feel fine with this. After all CNC and the University of Coimbra are institutions whose faith should be on modern science and humanity future. It’s strange to see those two, so important, actors of our society, kneel down to the holy pope.

Pedro Medeiros

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