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I like to say I’m an hyperactive storyteller, happy to live in this day and age, where there’s a place for me within the art and the internet (otherwise I would probably be a fisherman, also not bad).

The Last Other Data Club session for a while

Our stay at the Center for Neurosciences an Cell Biology is coming to an end. We learned a lot there and our bags (and the hard drives) are full with precious information that we expect to use in MARIONET‘s future works. Even so, for now, the bags are ready to leave. Because of this, next Thursday we’ll present a very special session of the Other Data Club focused on what we took from our for 7 months stay in a lab. The Other Data Club itself is an important part of what we’re taking with us for further use and we’ll talk about that during this last session there.

Please, fell free to join us, here, next Thursday at 11hoo am. It will be nice to have someone who followed the residence through this blog there for the Q&A.


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Other Data Club, do you know what’s that?

You don’t? I could tell you it’s a place for ideas not fitting elsewhere. Ideas about Art and Science, mainly but not exclusively. A place mainly made of people, even if till now happened always in the same place, it’s more about people than walls. It’s also a consequence of our artisitic residence at CNC  in Coimbra – you can see more about the residence in this blog.

This time we’ll be opening this Club to external visitors, till now only the scientists and ourselves  had the chance to participate. From now on we want to see you there with your most exquisite ideas.

See you next tuesday on the “Yellow Room” at the Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology, in the University of Coimbra – Portugal.

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III Other Data Club announcement

Nest Tuesday,  May 18th, we’ll promote a new ODC, the club for discussing ideas on arts and science. This moments of free and pleasant think-thank are creating some sort of “offline social network”. We don’t really know what to expect from this third edition, but we hope to have at least a discussion as good as in the first and second edition. Ok,  maybe we expect to see some presentations from the scientists with new and unexpected ideas, books, investigations, etc.

No matter what happens, soon you’ll have here the full resume and photos as always.

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Today I walked my way for CNC in vain. The Centre was closed, in fact the entire building was. Only a few researchers seem to be there but with the doors closed.
Why? Cause today is one of the days of Pope visit to Portugal and also the ephemeris for of a supposed appearance of the Virgin Mary to three kids during the 910’s.

I suppose there’s no use for a discussion on the subject but I can’t say I feel fine with this. After all CNC and the University of Coimbra are institutions whose faith should be on modern science and humanity future. It’s strange to see those two, so important, actors of our society, kneel down to the holy pope.

Pedro Medeiros

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II Other Data Club – the offline Social Network

Tuesday, 27th of April, 11hoo a.m. at CNC, yellow room

More details soon!

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While we were out

I left the room we are using at CNC for an hour to attend a Data Club. It ended after lunch time and I was starving but still returned to the room to get a coat. The following images register how I found the space.

After the surprise I realized two or tree things. One, the window was left open and provoque this. The other, it was all possible to fix but I would not have lunch in the next hour, at least. At last I recalled a serie of works from other artists, one, about animals that entered is studio every night and messed things up, I can’t remember that artist the name (maybe you know who I’m talking about) and two others with different intentions but really similar results, from Jeff Wall (see here) and this one down by my friend Francisco Queimadela.

"space for improvisation" series - 120mm photography


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prelude, part one of some

At the moment I start typing, my partner in this enterprise as in many others before, Mário Montenegro, already wrote enough posts to justify the name “diary” for this blog. I’ll adopt an alternative  strategy and start by writing some texts as a prelude for the next months symphony.

Our residency at CNC started more than two months ago, time enough to meet people, spaces and habits. The time to destroy our previous plans, empty our minds and empty the space we’ll be using for the work in progress. Even the time to start filling ourselves and the space (known as aquarium) with collected information. Fortunately  I was far from knowing we would find here most of the things and procedures we saw till now. Even if we had many experiences with science and art interaction and even with some of the scientists here, living with them changes everything.

Something I would like to clarify immediately is the english language usage. We’re both portuguese and we use portuguese language in our work most of the time, except when researching or interacting with artists from other countries.  This time we’ll be posting in english as a reaction to the use of this language as a kind of international language in Science and in Arts. Here in CNC we read papers in english, we attend  conferences in english and even some discussions are in this same language. so it will be this blog. I have no idea yet how it may affect the final work and memory of this residency.  I know I will be as much critic as I can to it cause I believe language influences cultural diversity and artists should care about it.

Enough for now. the second part of this prelude will be about the yellow colour.

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