ODC V – the written trailer

In previous ODCs we had the artists in residency presenting some of their previous work, we heard that work through the voices of CNC researchers and we had researchers presenting discussion subjects they found interesting to share.

In yesterday’s ODC we had two presentations: one (“A small step”) from a researcher, Raquel, who outlined her path since she was born to this moment when she’s about to defend her PhD Thesis; the other (“The big leap”) from one of the artists, Alexandre, who talked about one of his favourite works of art, the “Saut dans le vide” from Yves Klein.

It was very interesting for me to establish connections between the two universes described by them, one scientific, the other artistic. At a given time Alexandre stated that one of the things that made Klein so special was the fact of him being an artist without context, of difficult catalogation at the time given the innovating charateristics of his work. In my mind I associated this idea to the previous discussion we had about Raquel’s presentation when we spoke about different types of research work: on one hand the kind of work a researcher does when he/she starts working already existing data on a previously defined direction (defined, for instance, by the research group you’re in); on the other hand the work when you start a given research from scratch. I associated (in a very losely manner) this latter type of work to the possibly innovating characteristics of an artwork.

Another association my brain did was when we talked about the importance for the value of an artwork of being unique. This came to discussion after Alexandre mentioned there were several versions of that photomontage from Klein. This made me think about the importance of priority in science – being the first to publish on a given subject. Teresa also added the possibility (more like a fact, sometimes) of the same scientific paper being published twice (in different magazines). Which is not a very nice thing to do, they say.

Scientific researchers are commonly valued by the number of papers they publish, most specially when they are the first author. And in the art world? Are you valued by the number of works of art you create?

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