The new yellow wall with the doors and the keys

The other day, when I got to the yellow room at CNC someone was there already. A man and a woman were mounting something big. This was quite a surprise. I went to that girl standing at the door for a cup of coffee. When I got back they were still there, mounting. It was no easy task, definitely.

By the time of my second visit one could already have a pretty good guess about what was being built there. It was a big yellow wall with 18 doors and 36 keys (2 for each door). It was a place to keep things safe, a safe place, 18 safe places! And so I felt secure.

It’s interesting, one of the things we’ve being consciously promoting during our stay at the research center is the interference with its daily routines. We aim to interfere and, who knows, make a tiny little difference, trigger new paths. And now we were surprised by an exterior interference. Aha!

The yellow room has been evolving from the distant time when it was called “the aquarium” to the way it was before the new yellow wall. But now, this exterior interference made us adapt to a new context inside our yellow domains. And so we did. And it, most certainly, made us take new paths on the roads of our imagination, that’s just the way our brain works.

In case you’re wondering why that yellow wall suddenly appeared the reason is simple: those lockers were bought some time ago (before we were here, at the centre) and they were finally delivered. And were meant for that specific place, so they had to be placed there.

Now we have a most spacious room with a new yellow wall and 18 doors, 17 closed and 1 with the keys (we now can keep some of our stuff in one of the lockers – try and guess which).

But the most interesting is that this redesigning of the place wasn’t triggered by us, it was triggered by the centre. Will we manage to do something similar with our stay here?

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