III ODC – the menu

The MENU of this last Other Data Club:

Appetizers: we had excerpts of LED – inner voyage in a computer, namely a conversation between an electron and the processor and the RAM of a computer and, later, the electron talking with a  transistor.

Salads: we discussed science communication, the general (un)interest of people in science from the personal experiences of the researchers, the barrier that scientific language and terms pose to the communication of science.

Daily soup: we also digested science financing in Portugal and the eventual bad distribution of these resources.

Main course: we started exploring the Cyborg Manifesto by Donna Haraway.

Dessert: once again we were not able to terminate the ODC at the time we had initially determined. It was 50% longer. There’s always this risk when you have noone competing for the room for the next data club. So… “no dessert for you, young man!”

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