Science is only human

Yes, finally a post about last week’s Other Data Club. And today, for something completely different, I suggest the following as the soundtrack for this post > Human

What can I say, it was just fantastic to see people coming over to the yellow room for a different club experience. Yes, someone did show up! In fact, severalone showed up, we were 15, all the chairs taken. Here and there someone would get up to check their experiences going on in the lab and then return to the premises.

We decided to start the club with the reading of some excerpts of texts we previously used in some of our performances to act as catalysts for the discussion that would follow. We read two small texts from Daniil Kharms we had used in our 1st production ‘Three Lefty Hours‘, and an excerpt from ‘Revolution of the Celestial Bodies‘, our 2nd production and the 1st one to consciously address science as a central theme.

A discussion about science followed, driven by the scientific researchers. Several issues were addressed like, for instance, the imperfections of science as a system. The grapes were refreshing. We also discussed the conservativeness of science and its dogmas. And I most definitely prefer the walnut cake. I can also recall the researchers mentioning the essential importance of technology to carry on their research. Can you hand me that bottle, plz? And several other issues like, for other instance, the recent tv advertising campaign of a Portuguese supermarket chain. Have you tried this carrot things yet?

What about you? You girls and guys who were there too, what do you think about the OTD? About the stuff people talked about? About the cake?

And you, you who couldn’t attend the club last Tuesday, beware, we will return!

[p.s. amazing soundtrack, wasn’t it? ;)]


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6 responses to “Science is only human

  1. evil gomez

    Good music. Interesting space. I can see the other data club is very feminine, which does not surprise me since that is also true for biomedical science labs. I have a question. there were two nice sofas in the room, but only one was taken. the other someone was only sitting on the side. was that reserved for someone special? and how come the other sofa was fully taken? is that person as special as the other person that you all were waiting for?

    • blacmount

      Hell o, evil

      Thankx for your comment. Yes, that session was very feminine indeed, which made it very interesting from my point of view. Nevertheless, there were some guys there, probably meaning (who knows?) things might be changing is these feminine domains (or not :P).
      About your question, the sofa was reserved for a very important professor who said she would come but didn’t show up. (did the ‘she’ in the previous sentence felt a little odd?)
      Truth probably is that the girl (had to be one) who was sitting there might had gone to her lab to care for some experience going on when the picture was taken. In fact, if you pay close attention to the 2nd pic in the post, you can see her getting up to do precisely that. Or… she was just leaning for some cake.

  2. It really cool, refreshing and tasty! 🙂
    Discussions like the one we had that day should happen with a lot more frequency… I believe that sharing ideas and different points of view is what really makes things move forward.

    So, see you soon!

    • It WAS really cool, etc….. Sorry!!! 🙂 The verb just escaped from the sentence to check a western blot! 😉

      • blacmount

        Those blots… just like needy childs competing for your attention…
        Could one say that a western blot is like a plot for proteins?

    • blacmount

      Hi Sara!
      It’s great you feel that way about the discussion we had. My thoughts exactly!
      Yes, let’s see us soon to push things a little further forward. 🙂

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