That girl standing at the door

I got to CNC today thinking about writing a post about yesterday’s Other Data Club. But things often aren’t what we thought they would be. And today, routine killed my plans.

[Routine? Which routine?] Well… everyday when I get to CNC I stop by the coffee machine right at the entrance, insert 35 cents, press ‘long coffee’, and wait for the daily surprise. The truth is it’s getting harder and harder for that machine to surprise me. She (it’s a she) always delivers less than I expect. The surprise only happens when I get everything I supposedly 35cented for. Let me list some of the verified anomalities so far:

– no spoon

– drop sugar before cup

– no cup

Odds are that one of those 3 always occur. Let me analyse those ocurrences – no spoon is like no sugar, if I can’t stir the sugar laying at the base of the cup it’s just like if it wasn’t there; drop sugar before cup means I get a small white pile under the cup being filled which, appart from being visually appealing, means no sugar IN the coffee, and then the spoon falling in the cup feels like an ironic statement; no cup gives you an image like if the machine is peeing over a small white pile of sugar – sometimes I get the urge to put my hand under the pee to prevent that waste of caffeine (but never did it, so far).

Today I got no spoon. And I really need the coffee. I grin when I drink coffee without spoon. She makes me grin, that girl standing at the door.

Coincidences are fun. Sometimes they are mind-openers, in science as in life. While I was grinning my coffee up and reading the daily local news I stumbled upon the following article about today being the International Coffee Day and, moreover, about the edition by a research group from CNC of a special number of the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease about the benefits of the consumption of caffeine (and coffee) in cases of Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases and depression.

Here’s the article (in Portuguese). And here’s the link for the referred publication (in English).

Well, reading the newspaper article and some of the abstracts of that special issue on caffeine made me imagine that that girl standing at the door is involuntarily preventing those diseases to install in my brain. It felt warm and with sugar. It’s good to know there’s someone working to know us better and, possibly, extent our path here where we’re standing.

But then again, one other thought formed in my mind – not even in the Internati0nal Coffee Day I got the complete 35cent deal, caffeine, cup, spoon, sugar and all!

I think I’m beginning to hate her, that girl standing at the door.


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7 responses to “That girl standing at the door

  1. alexandreelemosm

    Some weeks ago I called her using the phone number in the machine. Surprise: a man answered the phone and said the machine works perfectly and that he confirms it, daily. Yeah, sure…

  2. Teresa

    Finally I felt like smiling after two crazy days! Thank YOU!
    Today I drunk tea to “celebrate”. Isn’t it all about the caffeine? So down it went!

  3. well at least you have a challenge every morning. why don’t you carry your own cup and spoon (plus sugar)? this way you will not be surprised and you can reduce the amount of plastic. But again, I would probably prefer to be surprised every morning. unfortunately we have a coffee machine that does not give us those random situations. keep enjoying your coffee every morning, or switch to tea as Teresa did!

    • blacmount

      Hi evil,
      yes, thought about bringing my own personal coffee kit. In fact I already keep a spoon in my bag that I lick very well after each coffee I take. The cup didn’t seem that practical to make the exchange between the cup she delivers (the times she does) and my mug, but one of this days I’ll give it a try. Tea, well, doesn’t work for me.

      She surprises me everytime she works properly… So you’re saying you know a lady that doesn’t surprise you because she surprises you everyday? Where is she standing? Is it nearby? Can I meet her?

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