A new living room

We’ve just redesigned the yellow space to gain some space to the data clubs we are about to promote there. We entitled them Other Data Clubs and the idea is to create inside the research centre a place for the reflection and the discussion of the work carried on there. Naturally, the modus operandi will be a provocative one and grounded on previous art and science interactions as well as in our own experiences at the centre during the /= X project. And, of course, we were obviously and strongly influenced by the form of the data clubs regularly happening in the centre. So, there will be food there. And I’m not talking about brain-food!

Tomorrow, Tuesday 13 Apr 2010 at 11 a.m., will take place (and time) the 1st Other Data Club.

Here’s the formal announcement we published on several walls of the centre and in the mailboxes of the researchers > 1st ODC

Be there! See, tale, tell!


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2 responses to “A new living room

  1. Already waiting for the next one!

    We had really interesting discussions, about things we don’t really discuss in “our” data clubs”, and also a lot of fun.

    The fact the we can be seen and the same time see what’s going on outside the room is very interesting…! 🙂

    • blacmount

      Hi Sara,
      Great! I found the discussions really interesting, too.
      Yeah, I do like this openess brought by the windowall – feels good that unworried way of sharing what you’re doing, and saying, and thinking.
      We’ll be announcing the next date soon!

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