Go with the flow

Counting the cells and determining the phase of their life they’re at, each one of the tens of thousands hovering in a given solution.

This is so possible, just saw it the day before yesterday. And I’m still thinking about it. Inês found us in our yellow domains reading out loud a science-themed theatre play and invited us to watch her working with the flow cytometer. We did so. And then she gave us a neat explanation about her research, the functioning of the apparatus and also about cell’s life cycle.

Once more, it’s all about life.

Now I’m imagining 50.000 people in a football stadium and some laser beams coming from the sky, surveying the spectators area, lighting with primary colours the faces in the crowd and letting me know, in the briefest moment, the precise number of souls and the stage of  life each one is at.

Wow. What to do with this extended capacity, this technology?

I think the sky is the limit. And our creativity is the sky of our minds.

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