While we were out

I left the room we are using at CNC for an hour to attend a Data Club. It ended after lunch time and I was starving but still returned to the room to get a coat. The following images register how I found the space.

After the surprise I realized two or tree things. One, the window was left open and provoque this. The other, it was all possible to fix but I would not have lunch in the next hour, at least. At last I recalled a serie of works from other artists, one, about animals that entered is studio every night and messed things up, I can’t remember that artist the name (maybe you know who I’m talking about) and two others with different intentions but really similar results, from Jeff Wall (see here) and this one down by my friend Francisco Queimadela.

"space for improvisation" series - 120mm photography


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2 responses to “While we were out

  1. Alexandre Lemos

    O Francisco Queimadela deixou este link num email que me enviou a propósito deste post.
    Vejam vale a pena!

  2. Alexandre Lemos

    And now the english version of my previous comment.
    Franscisco Queimadela sent me the link bellow about this post >
    Give it a try!

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