cite = excite

We’ve been challenging the researchers to try the REVIEW game and they have been responding to our challenge. This whole week, the premises we occupy are theirs to practice the game and to compete with each other. The score wasn’t an essential feature for us at first, but it sure ignites competition making the game more exciting.
Excitement – here’s another state of mind which plays an important part in science.
Yes, the researchers get to be excited when playing the REVIEW game. Achieving a citation by the other player has given us some delightfull moments of excitement, allowing us to write the following equation: cite=excite.
Although we have some articles to provide for the games, we are encouraging researchers to bring their own articles (or their group’s) to the game field, for it’s a lot more exciting when it’s your own paper you are trying to pass to the other side of the table.

Researchers are usually very critic in the way they address any subject (soccer being the exception), and so we had to listen to their comments about the game and its rules. This has been an important feedback for us to improve the rules of the game. And now the rules rule!
The REVIEW game rules!


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5 responses to “cite = excite

  1. I found the review game really nice! Well done! Or is it just because I won?? 😉

    I’m already wondering what’s coming next… 🙂

    • blacmount

      Thankx for the nice words, Sara!
      The truth is that it’s YOU (all of you, dressed in white) who makes REVIEW happen.

      Do you find it feasible, now that you (again, all of you) have practice (and win) some games, to organize a inter-research groups tournament?

      From where I’m standing, I say that that would be the real fun!

  2. Joana V

    Lol, I won one, tied one and lost another. Had my article cited and had to quote one back. Also, tenis rules should apply to balls on the line, hehe 😀

    • blacmount

      Yeah Joana, you’re one of our most experienced players. Definitely on top of REVIEW’s Hall Of Fame so far!

      The essential question about the articles is that sometimes they stubbornly return to the game field and that really deserves special dedicated rules. Unlike the articles, tennis balls do not stop in the field.

      But yeah, I do feel that articles on the line should make you score a point. 🙂

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