prelude, part one of some

At the moment I start typing, my partner in this enterprise as in many others before, Mário Montenegro, already wrote enough posts to justify the name “diary” for this blog. I’ll adopt an alternative  strategy and start by writing some texts as a prelude for the next months symphony.

Our residency at CNC started more than two months ago, time enough to meet people, spaces and habits. The time to destroy our previous plans, empty our minds and empty the space we’ll be using for the work in progress. Even the time to start filling ourselves and the space (known as aquarium) with collected information. Fortunately  I was far from knowing we would find here most of the things and procedures we saw till now. Even if we had many experiences with science and art interaction and even with some of the scientists here, living with them changes everything.

Something I would like to clarify immediately is the english language usage. We’re both portuguese and we use portuguese language in our work most of the time, except when researching or interacting with artists from other countries.  This time we’ll be posting in english as a reaction to the use of this language as a kind of international language in Science and in Arts. Here in CNC we read papers in english, we attend  conferences in english and even some discussions are in this same language. so it will be this blog. I have no idea yet how it may affect the final work and memory of this residency.  I know I will be as much critic as I can to it cause I believe language influences cultural diversity and artists should care about it.

Enough for now. the second part of this prelude will be about the yellow colour.

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