Brain Awareness Week

Is your brain aware?

We just wouldn’t miss it. The CNC plays an important role in this week’s activities.

There are, from the 15th to the 19th, daily visits to the centre, mainly from schools, who attend a lecture about the centre and the work being developed here and then take a tour through the building and its scientific rooms and routines.

We managed to get our space in the route of the visitors and just waited there, prepared to present them with some REVIEW games and ready to grab their curiosity.

Visitors found this artistic cell inside the scientific body of the CNC to be of great interest and amusement. Some even got to experiment playing the REVIEW game with the scientific articles of some of the researchers of the centre.

This was our way of contributing to the Brain Awareness Week, with our brain awareness of the brain explorers. Our brain aware of our brain aware of our brain aware of our.. you got the idea.

Here’s a panoramic view of our performing system – the REVIEW game

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