Curiosity caught

First we blanked (yellowed, to be precise) the space. Then we left it like that for about 2 weeks. We imagined people would start to wonder what was going on inside what used to be a completely open space. We were relying on that growth of the general curiosity to catch it later, when we would open the space once again. And we just did it.

What is curiosity? A mood? An emotion? A transient state of the mind? A permanent one?

One interesting thing about curiosity is that it contains the potential for action. And it’s one of the human’s [states of mind?] that drives science. Makes it move.

So, we found it would be interesting to trap curiosity inside the small viewing window we opened in our yellow wall. We recorded, using a videocam, some of the curious minds peeking the content of our yellow cell.

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